Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where does the time go??

It has been four months!  I don't even know why I stopped writing here, but I realized lately I need to continue to do so.  Mostly, for myself.  I know selfish, selfish but it will also be nice if Daniel ever wonders what his life was like when he was younger.  To update what has happened in the last four months Daniel began to walk officially (which according to the dr. "official" means three continuous steps).  And, unjoyously, to me, he has begun to start rejecting naptime.  Which adds a lot of work for mommy. Lately, we have also been going to great park, swimming and many other fun things.  Maybe that's why he doesn't want to sleep?  It is great for him to be older and want to be out of the house more!  Currently, we are on a summer break from work.  This is good and bad, good because he and I get a lot more time with just the two of us.  Bad, because I hadn't planned too far ahead with our money and things are really tight while I am not working.  Of course I babysit here and there but its definitely not the same.  Its sorta strange but I become jealous of my husband when he goes to work.  Its weird but even going to someone elses home makes me feel much more accomplished.  I understand that staying at home as a parent is also rewarding, but I also like to contribute monetarily.  Luckily, we will be seeing Emma and Eve next week!  They are currently on vacation and Eve began to walk as well!  The week before school was out.  She is so cute when she walks, she sticks her arms out for balance.  I am so proud of the babies!  They are really growing up so quickly.  We also missed two very important events Daniel and Eve's first birthdays!!!  They were both a blast, we had a small dino themed party here for Daniel and Eve and Emma had a joint birthday (Emma turned 3 as well!)  Anyway, enough rambling for one day Daniel needs help getting to sleep!

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