Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Steps!

Great day!  Daniel tried to take his first step alone today!  I was very excited, but it was a little unexpected.  When he started to go I freaked out just a little and I think it scared him.  Hopefully that doesn't make for a set back in future walking.  Daddy has switched his day off to Tuesday, so Daniel was with us girlies today.  Here's what we did today (no particular order).
Played outside
Just to name a was all a blast!

Daniel has also had a total of three bottles today already, which is great since getting him to drink one was such a chore.  I learned a lot from his food diary and just thought I would share what I learned.  So, if you are having a hard time with feeding baby here are a few suggestions.
1.  If your child wants to eat and roam, let them.  I understand learning to eat at the table and in high chair is important.  But, for Daniel he always wants to move, move, move.  So I learned if I let him come to me for the food he will actually eat.  When I put him in his highchair he often refuses to eat.
2.  Offer them your spoon.  I also discovered if I used my spoon to feed Daniel when we were at the table, he would eat.  It was still his baby food, but for some reason he liked the bigger spoon.
3.  To offer maximum nutrition at each meal I mixed together fruit and vegetable baby foods.  Not exactly sure it was the tastiest, but Daniel seemed to like it.
4.  Let your child eat with a friend.  When Eve and Daniel are sitting next to each other and eating he never misses a bite. 
5.  Make sure you are feeding nutritionally rich foods.  I know it sounds obvious, but if you want to give your child a snack it is so much easier to give them baby puffs than a fruit or veggie.  This week when I went grocery shopping I made sure to get a bunch of both and gave those only for snacks along with whole wheat or grain.
6.  Share your food.  When I am eating a banana if I let Daniel take bites for himself, he will eat a bunch.  If I try to feed him, not so much.  Just make sure they don't bite off too much.  Remember to always monitor babies when they are eating or drinking their bottles!
Just a reminder, these are just suggestions from me a nanny and mom.  I am not a doctor and if your child has had an extreme diet change remember to contact your doctor.  Also, none of this is medical advice. :)

Today was a relaxed day, and you all know I love days like this.  We had so much fun playing time just flew by.  When I am able to get all three kiddos to sleep one nap at the same time, things are even better!  Eve's teeth are still bothering her quite a bit.  We had a little trouble with the afternoon nap, but nothing terrible.  All in all just a great day!

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