Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hokey Pokey

Today has been a pretty nice day.  One of those not too crazy, and just enough fun!  My favorite part of the day was when Emma and I did the hokey pokey dance.  As we were dancing I realized HEY, I can use this to teach Emma the difference between her right and left sides.  Then, I really started thinking OH MY, what a great tool for children who don't know body parts yet.  Sooo parents put your arms, legs, head, nose knee and any other body part you can think of, and shake em!  This can be so fun and silly!  Sometimes my own genius even surprises me (although I am certain all of you are like DUH we already do this..haha.) 

Eve is just so precious I can't use the words to describe it.  Today we were playing and I was swaying her in my arms and singing some silly song with Emma and she just giggled and giggled!  She has always been such a smiley baby.  Even at a younger age she would just play with Emma and laugh so much.  Loove it!  She's also becoming a little more mobile.  She has learned that she can get herself down to her tummy (through a very unsafe "throwing" action, always have to place her AWAY from tables and other unsafe objects) and once she is on her tummy she scoots and scoots...backward.  Tee hee, at least some movement!  It is always one of the first steps a baby displays before crawling so I am very proud of her.  She also even managed to pull herself up into crawling position and hold it for just a few minutes.  Yay!

Daniel has been very unwilling to eat his bottles lately, its been like a war of milk.  Gah!  He has been eating a lot more solid foods lately, so I believe he just doesn't like the taste of formula.  I don't even like the smell, so I can't blame him.  But, I know he's not getting enough nutrition from just these foods so after trying a sippy and letting him do it himself with no success I added juice (apple) to his milk.  Just a teeny-tiny bit.  And, he finally downed two 8oz bottles within two hours of each other (he usually waits at least three or four).  I am glad he finally ate, but I am pretty sure you shouldn't be adding juice to milk?  So, if anyone has tips or secrets please please let me know.  Also, I just want to make it clear I am not recommending others add juice to their babies bottle because I don't know just how great it is. (babies shouldn't be drinking citrus juices, just fyi)  Any who, I should be doing my project for school so I am going to stop rambling and get back to that.  Hope you all have a great Thursday evening!

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