Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dish Soap

Today, I am just Mommy.  Daniel has been say "ma-ma" all morning and it has definitely put a smile on my face!  But, we did have a rough start to our morning.  I was getting ready to make coffee (which I CANNOT go without) and realized the coffee pot was still in the sink to be cleaned, darn!  I thought to myself "well I can just wash it very quickly, start my coffee and have my Chex cereal."  We keep all soaps and cleaners above our sink so Daniel cannot reach them, and there was no dish soap.  What the h***, where did it go?  For some reason the case of missing soap sent me into a whirl of craziness.  So, I asked my husband did you move it?  He says "I have no idea."  Whilst he is playing a video game of some sort.  So I am scouring all the cabinets and still no dish soap, I have to have my coffee!  Finally, I decided I had better just use the hand soap, its antibacterial, it will clean it enough, right?  In the end coffee was made and we all laughed at my outburst about dish soap.  It just reminded me you never know what silly things will tug your strings.

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