Monday, February 7, 2011

Nanny/Mommy Tips

We have added some tips for hiring or finding a Nanny.

Here are a few tips for a Nanny searching for a job.
1. Be honest. If there is something you have done, or something you expect let your employer know. Honesty really is the best policy in this field. If your employer finds out something you have neglected to disclose the consequences may be severe.
2. Become CPR and First Aid certified.
3. When going to an interview you will most likely be in the families home. Let a friend know where you are. Most people are honest, but you just never know.
4. Dress nicely for your interview.
5. Ask employer what will be expected and what you are willing to do so both parties are aware.
6. Be respectful of families rules. You are caring for their most precious children. Adhere to any rules set, if cannot maybe find a family more compatible to you.
7. If you can, provide references on your resume.

Just a few things I have found helpful over the years. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them!
Here are a few tips for parents looking for a nanny.
1. Find a nanny who is willing to be compatible with the way you want your child to be raised. (for me discipline is important, same goes for my employers)
2. When nanny comes for an interview offer for them to hold or play with child, see how and IF they interact with your child.
3. Let nanny know what will be expected of them and reimbursement. If you want them to clean or bring own food, etc. Some may not be willing to do the extra work.
4. Ask WHY they want to be a nanny. If you want someone who is passionate about their work, seek them out.
5. Check credentials. A nanny should ALWAYS have CPR and First Aid Certification
6. Go with your gut, honestly there are many mothers who have told me they just felt comfortable with nanny, and they turned out to be exactly what their family needed.

These are just a few personal tips I would give to families searching for a nanny. If you have more or any questions feel free to comment! :)

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