Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Girls Day Out

Mondays are always girl days.  Daddy has the day off and watches Daniel so the girls and I get time together!  These days are so much fun.  They usually consist of a trip to the park (weather permitting).  Yesterday we were able to go to the park and it was a blast!  But, Emma was afraid to go down the slide.  I was very shocked this has never happened before.  I told her I would stand at the bottom of the slide and even tried to hold her hand but she still didn't want to go.  It was definitely unusual, she always goes down the slide.  I am certain she will overcome what was scaring her though.  Since it was a girl day we also decided to paint our toenails.  It is always so fun to to do!  And, its the only time I bother to do mine as well so I absolutely love it.  When you live with two boys the girly stuff takes a backseat, on Mondays we let it all out!  We take the time to "make ourselves pretty."  Which consists of hair brushing and some lotion for our cheeks, but still very fun!  Eve was in an extra happy mood as well.  When we go to the park she likes to sit in the sand and just dig.  She does try to eat it now and again.  What kid doesn't like dirt? 

I forgot to mention the very large dog whom we also spend our days with, his name is Duke and he is a character!  The first day I began to sit for Emma, he wanted to be VERY friendly...if you know what I mean.  We do have a dog of our own so I wasn't scared, just very very surprised.  When we take our trips to the park he always comes with us, and inevitably EVERY time we go he has to stop and poop.  I think he saves it just for the trip!  But, he is a very loveable guy and nice to have around. :)
Emma's pretty toes!

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