Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snuggles and Love

There are soo many things that I would like to talk about in this blog, but today I am feeling squishy with love.  I know it is the superbowl and many of you will be enjoying those festivities (we will later) but as of now Daniel and I are enjoying the day together.  When we have these times to ourselves I can't help but remember the times of when he was a newborn baby.  I was only able to take off two complete weeks (when you work for yourself money has to keep coming somehow).  But, thankfully I was still able to work and only had two actual work days.  So Daniel and I still spent most of our days together and when he was little all he ever wanted was to be held.  So I held, cuddled and snuggled the little man like crazy!  When daddy was at work he and I would lounge and take naps together.  These were definitely some of the best times ever!  I recall one specific evening when Daniel woke up for his nightly feeding and normally I would sit up to feed him, but this night I was so sleepy and decided to lie and breastfeed.  After Daniel was done eating he fell into such a peaceful sleep I did not want to move and disturb him.  So, he continued to sleep next to me and we created a new pattern for our night time feeding.  Eventually, we moved him back to his crib.  This was very hard for me, but letting him learn to put himself to sleep was very important to us so I endured.  Because of this though there are very few times when Daniel will fall asleep in my arms now and I miss those snuggles.  When they do happen, I enjoy them soooo much!
Sleeping on Daddy

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