Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's play, play, play!

This week is rather busy for me, working 5 instead of the usual four days, have a project due for school and preparing for an upcoming vacation.  Whew!  I am soo excited about the vaca though I don't really mind at all. :)  Yesterday, Daniel was with me and the girls and in the morning time they were playing together sooo much. They always like to play together but often times it doesn't last very long.  (hard to keep and nine month and 2 year old entertained with each other)  But, yesterday they were playing in the curtains (which, I don't normally allow) it was just so gosh darn cute, I couldn't stop them!  Emma would hide behind the curtain and Daniel would go looking for her..aww it was adorable!  They were giggling and giggling.  I just loved it!

Today, Daniel is home with Daddy again, but Emma had a friend, Joe, come over.  Joe is another child I also babysit now and again and this was their first time meeting.  Joe is 3, so a little older than Emma but after a little shyness they definitely hit it off!  We made another trip to the park (third time this week!) and they had so much fun playing and digging in the sand, I wasn't sure they would ever want to leave.  Eventually, they reluctantly agreed to go when it was time for Emma's rest.

I really enjoyed having Joe come over to play because it gave me one on one time with Eve, which I worry I don't always give her enough of.  When you begin watching more than one child, and especially when one is yours there's always a little worry of if everyone is getting the attention they deserve.  I try my best to give everyone the same, but I am not a super human some days Emma, Eve or Daniel can get just a little left out.  I love when Daniel has his daddy days, because it makes me appreciate the days that he is with me even more.  Today, I learned that he took his first few steps with his walking toy (its a dino!) and I won't lie I was very sad I missed it.  But, luckily he will do it again and I am glad daddy was able to see this, because he missed the very first crawling.

Playing in the curtains.

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