Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 1

This is my first day blogging!  Make that first time ever blogging!  To start off I will tell you all about us. :)  As I said before I am a mother and a nanny, my son is nine months old he is already crawling, has eight teeth and is full of attitude.  The children I care for (two girls) are 2, and eight months, that's right only three weeks apart.  Emma the 2 year old, I began to nanny when she was eight months old and let me just tell you right now, best baby ever!  I have only been an official nanny for four years now (two with a different family), but I have been a babysitter for ten years.  I had never met an easier baby in my life.  Eve, like Daniel is full of attitude, she's just beginning her teething!  When my husband and I discovered we were pregnant with our son, Daniel, it was a BIG surprise.  But, the BEST surprise ever.  A few weeks later Sam and Steve (my employers) told us they were pregnant also, and out of the graciousness of their hearts they continued to let me nanny while pregnant, and even now.  Daniel comes to work with me three of the four days I work.  730-4 he is right by my side, and I couldn't be happier about that!  Of course we had a few months to get to know eachother after baby Eve was born.

 As with all things, parenting and nannying, are not always joyous.  My hardest parenting experience thus far, breastfeeding.  As many moms know this is a huge challenge for some and super natural for others.  My sister is a natural at breastfeeding, she could probably feed triplets if she needed to!  I am not, my milk was not creamy enough, Daniel never learned to latch and at two months old he looked like a starving baby (and we had a terrible Dr, we've switched now).  During these troubles we went to visit Sam and Eve, Eve didn't have the patience for breastfeeding and Sam was pumping then fed Eve with a bottle.  DUH!  Why had I not thought of that?  I began to pump, and regulate exact amounts Daniel was eating and within a week he looked like a different baby.  A few weeks later we also supplemented with formula, he became soo much healthier!  If any of you reading want breastfeeding tips or help, just email!  Often times as a new mother I feel like I am stumbling day to day and it is so nice to have Sam there to help.  (another reason I wanted to do this blog :)

Anyway, back to nannying.  Like I said before Eve is currently 8 months, Daniel 9 months and Emma 2.  Things get a little crazy!  Emma asks why after everything, and I try my best to explain to help her learn.  Today, she asked why Eve needed her diaper changed and why Daniel had to take a rest (nap).  I explained to her Eve's diaper was full and needed to be changed so it didn't explode everywhere and Daniel had to rest, because he was tired and getting cranky.  Her next question is always "why not?"  Meaning why again, and instead of my usual continued explaination I asked her, why do you think?  When I asked her this she became a little flustered but blurted my respose to her, what a smart girl!  Later on during the day Emma let me know when I told her I was going to change Eve's diaper again "I am going to ask why."  The genius of children!!  I know its cheesy, but I have to admit it is a privilege to care for these children.  They really are our future, and please tell me what could be more important? 

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