Friday, February 18, 2011

Teething Troubles

Sigh, I think the title says it all.  Things have been a little frustrating today.  Daniel is getting a new tooth on the bottom that is really irritating him.  He was finally drinking his bottles again and now today he refuses.  It always makes me worry that he will become dehydrated or isn't getting enough to eat.  He's always been a little baby, so I always worry when we have issues with food.

But, I did get to hang out with Emma and Eve again today! :)  We were all very excited to see each other.  I brought the girls some teddy bears for a late Valentine's Day gift and apparently they didn't smell well.  Emma told me she loved it, but didn't like it because of the smell.  I smelled it and it just smelled like a store...go figure.  Still, very funny!  Kids are always so honest, sometimes a little brutally honest.  Eve developed two teeth while we were gone!  They grew in so quickly I was a little shocked.  I knew she was teething before we left because she was a little fussy.  I had no idea her teeth would be in so quickly though. 

Today was pretty rainy, Emma asked if she could do some painting and of course I said yes!  She was very excited it had been a little while.  We usually do finger painting, and for some reason she always tries to paint herself instead of the paper.  I have to remind her to keep the paint on the paper and her fingers, but not on her arms, belly..wherever else she may think to paint.  Its always very fun to finger paint.  While we were painting Eve was awake and she was sitting in her highchair, its one that has a toy tray on the top.  And, she is so hilarious with the toys she just bangs them against the side making tons of noise while we paint.  All in all today was a pretty great day.  Sorry, not too much to talk about it was a short day at work. :)

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