Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't HATE Comments

We arrived home from our vacation yesterday, boo!  I did not want to go home we had such a great time.  My husband even wants to move to where we vacationed.  Silly man! Haha.  So as you can tell we had a great trip.  There were a few hiccups with the room we first booked, but we were able to upgrade rooms and things were much better!  But, as with any vacation with children I think the hiccups are expected.  Daniel has been teething for awhile now and we had a few fussy evenings, but we made it through and I am very happy for the vacation we were able to take.  We even ventured to a fancy schmancy restaurant with Daniel in tow.  I don't think they were so excited to see a baby in their restaurant.  But, it was Valentine's Day and we weren't going to sacrifice the nice dinner just because we have a baby.  Turns out, Daniel can be a baby saint at dinner.  We received multiple comments on how well he behaved, I was just as surprised!  The night before we had to leave the restaurant we were eating in because he was mis-behaving so badly.  Let me just say I was very thankful for the good behavior in the fancy restaurant.  Has anyone ever had to leave a restaurant before because of their child?  It was a tad embarrassing.

While on vacation we spent a lot of time being lazy and during this time I was able to read some online articles I would normally look over.  Most of them were about parenting and I was a little amazed, most of the reading I find easily do come from social networks.  On these social networks parents can leave their thoughts and comments.  Which I think is great!  But, I think there were a lot of comments that were not necessary.  Parents bashing other parents saying they are bad, and just let me say, wow!  I couldn't believe the things being said.  So, here's my two cents on the topic.  Parents are not perfect, nanny is not perfect.  We are all human beings who make mistakes.  And, as parents we all have different ways of raising our children.  I don't think its our place to tell other parents how to raise their children.  You can't protect your children from everything in this world.  Of course we will all try, but even when you are two feet from them they will probably fall down and get hurt.  These things just happen.  I think what matters is we try the best we can.  But, don't tell others they are terrible when they are doing their best as well.   My goodness!!  OK, I am done, getting off my soap box now.  Tomorrow I get to see Emma and Eve again, yay!  I will let you all know how the day goes. :)

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  1. I have read some of the posts that get all crazy like you are talking about and I agree people need to be nice we should be helping each other not bringing each other down


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