Friday, February 4, 2011

Napping Nonsense

Fridays are always very long days, it's the end of the week and I have to arrive an hour earlier to work.  Which also means waking up Daniel before his usual time, which he is never happy about.  Today seemed extra long due to some napping nonsense.  Typically the babies (Daniel and Eve) take a morning nap at the same time.  Usually, it is not a problem but today it was!  They both went to their nap at 9am.  First, Eve did not want to sleep, then she finally did fall asleep, and after about 20 minutes Daniel woke because he pooped.  In turn waking up Eve and now both were cranky due to insufficient sleep.  Their waking then woke Emma who had just begun her nap also.  Luckily, Emma can be told she needs to go back to sleep, but babies cannot.  Ever tried to put three babies to sleep at the same time?  It doesn't always go so well.

BUT, FRIDAY IS MOVIE DAY!  That's right all capital letters because this is a relaxing day.  Of course there is still playing and learning but things are just a little easier when you know you get to relax during the movie.  The movie most likely to be played, Monsters Inc.  I am pretty certain we have watched this for months now.  I try to persuade Emma to watch something else but she loves it and its not really that big of a deal.  Lately, I have just been finding things to do around the house while she watches (nothing too strenuous of course). And, there are always the babies to entertain. 

Emma's question today was very cute.  I told her I was going to go to the restroom and she said "restroom? Where is the restroom?"  I told her it was the same as bathroom or potty.  "Restroom, bathroom, potty...oh my!"

Daniel and Eve are working on their listening skills, yes they are nine months old, but I believe early discipline is super important.  If you don't start when they are little, when do you start?  I don't think it should be delayed until a certain age. (just my preference)  Anyway, Daniel has discovered that he can crawl up on the hearth to the fireplace and play with the glass.  Luckily the fireplace is never used, but I don't want him to think it is OK to play with, so today we taught Daniel that when he crawls AWAY from the fireplace he gets a huge YAY! and some applause.  Emma always helps me with this, and for that I am grateful.  Eve's listening lesson today consisted of not shrieking aloud and sputtering her mouth while eating (it will fly everywhere!)  I feed both babies at the same time and to make her realize we can't sputter and shriek I feed Daniel an extra spoonful, she realizes she has been skipped and miraculously no sputters or shrieks!  For more baby feeding tips check out our new page on facebook!  Also, a discussion on breastfeeding has been added.

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